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VIVO F3 Shifter
CUSTOMize Your Ride
Choose your fit, feel, form

” I installed the Vivo F3 shifter with my Sram Eagle drivetrain. The options for the paddles for up shifts and downshifts are incredible. No longer do I feel like my touch points on the shifter are one way only, I can now get the ergonomic feel I desire. Setup on the shifter was easy and straightforward, installed and ready to use in 15 minutes. The shift feel both up and down is crisp and precise. Rode through some dry and wet conditions so far and no negative effect on shift quality. The Vivo F3 shifter delivers consistent quality shifts, even as fatigue settles into my body during long rides. I would give this shifter a five star rating for its ergonomics, ease of setup and amazing shift quality.” 

Brian Wolff (Head Mechanic Carl Hart Bicycles)

“During the testing of the prototype of the shifter, I was really amazed at how well the shifter performed and how amazing it felt. The shifter was very durable and reliable. During the testing, I had a couple of big crashes in which the shifter got buried in the dirt. The shifter is super easy to work on. Basic maintenance can be done within 10-15 min which involves taking the shifter apart cleaning it up, lubricating moving components, and reassembling it. Customizable paddles are a game changer and one of the best ways that a rider can personalize their bike and adjust the shifters to their needs. Testing this shifter was great and I think that it’s a great shifter that is ready to compete with other shifters such as Sram XO or Shimano XT.    5/5 stars”

Bart Kopec (Mechanic Carl Hart Bicycles)

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